How many times have you promised to ‘go to the gym’ or ‘walk more,’ but you haven’t been able to get started or keep it up? Making a change to become more active can be tougher than it seems. It’s hard to do alone and without support. However, being active can help you feel better, look better and live longer. That’s why Choose to Move was developed. It’s a science-based approach to help you introduce the habit of physical activity into your daily life in ways that make sense for you. Our new Choose to Move program can help you to integrate activity into your daily routine, meet new friends, and make a positive change!

How does it work?

Choose to Move has the potential to change the way you live for the better.

It’s about making choices and building habits.

In this free program, you work with a trained activity coach who helps you develop a plan made just for you. When it gets tough, you will have the support from your coach and a group of other seniors, who, just like you, are making a choice for health– they are choosing to move.

In Choose to Move, you receive both individual and group support:​

  • Work one-on-one with a trained activity coach to create a tailor-made physical activity plan to meet your health and fitness goals. You choose activities that you know you will enjoy and are able to do! Activities can range from organized fitness classes (e.g., Tai Chi, yoga) to individual activities you do on your own schedule (e.g., gardening, walking).
  • Join a group of other Choose to Movers to share successes and challenges. Learn new ways to live a healthier, more active life.

South Vancouver Neighbourhood House, please contact Michelle Luong at:

Killlarney Community Centre, call 604·718·8211 to register.