Our Mission, Active Together!

“Our mission is to work together to network and provide accessible, inclusive, timely and high-quality programs and services for the diverse population of seniors living in South East Vancouver, such as long-term residents, new immigrants, urban aboriginal, and young seniors who are making transitions in their lives.”  

About the Seniors Hub: 

The South Vancouver Neighbourhood House (SVNH) received funding from the City of Vancouver, United Way of the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Foundation and Vancouver Coastal Health for a 3-year Seniors Hub Pilot Project. The project commenced January 2010 and was to be completed by March 31, 2014. However, funding has been extended and the project has been embedded into the SVNH seniors’ program to ensure that it can be sustained and continue to be successful well into the future. 

The area commonly referred to as South Vancouver is:

  • East: Boundary Road
  • West: Main Street
  • North: 41st Avenue
  • South: Fraser River 

Goals of the Seniors Hub: 

  1. Support the independence and active participation of SV older adults in community and to deliver a sustainable and integrated community capacity-building model for connecting seniors at the neighbourhood level.  
  2. Set up systems (e.g., governance, policies, procedures, etc.) that can be replicated in other neighbourhoods across Vancouver.  
  3. Implement a collaborative community-based model that supports seniors’ independence and active participation in the community. 

The mission: 

  1. Enable, build, increase and improve the lives of seniors in South Vancouver (SV) by making it possible for them to be independent and actively participate in the community.  
  2. Identify and promote awareness of SV seniors’ issues and priorities. 
  3. Improve services in SV through collective action by the Council.  Hub partners/organizations/community organizations and the community at large. 

The Hub is: 

A network which brings together individuals and groups with the common goal to engage and serve seniors.

Driven by and for seniors. Seniors lead, govern, identify needs, and organize activities to meet those needs.

An agreement among key organization partners who are participating actively in supporting the South Vancouver Seniors Hub. These partners are: 

South Vancouver Seniors Hub Council

The South Vancouver Seniors Hub Council (Council) is responsible to set priorities, track progress and identify emerging needs.   

The Council consists of seven to eleven individuals who are recruited by the members of the Council and the Director.  These individuals must be 55+ and 75%, must live in the SV geographical area, and they must strive to represent its diverse population, younger and older, regardless of gender, race, creed, sexual orientation and gender identification, immigrants and persons with disabilities.  Every effort is made to represent the diversity of South Vancouver.